Kamala Harris Requires Reporters to Stand When she Enters

VP Harris Makes BIZARRE Request


Kamala Harris spoke yesterday to journalists from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) about how climate change affects communities of color. Her assistant ordered everyone to rise up as a show of respect as she entered the room.

Her assistant also urged the press to cheer Harris when she entered the room. The aide reminded the reporters to applaud for the Vice President after they first chose to remain silent.

Numerous people have voiced their displeasure with Kamala Harris’ actions in a recent video clip. There have been analogies to a similar scene during Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign because of the way she seemed to be acting.

Jeb finished his lengthy address by asking the attentive crowd to  “please clap” for him.

It is regrettable that politicians occasionally display such haughtiness because it does little to garner admiration or respect.

In the Harris video, the audience is asked to clap by Harris’ assistant, but they stay silent and some even giggle at the suggestion.

The idea that our elected representatives could not be receiving the respect they require from their own citizens or from foreign leaders is frightening.

They may not have earned the respect of those around them, which could explain this. It is crucial for our leaders to keep in mind that they are in place to help others, not to act in a superior manner.

They can only fully win the trust and respect of their constituents through humility and diligence.


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