Hillary Clinton Roasted Over Party Appearance

CRINGEWORTHY - Hillary Clinton Will REGRET This!


The internet is going crazy over a recently discovered video showing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attempting to perform the Macarena with the band Los Del Rio at a celebration held in her honor in Seville, Spain. 

In the video, Clinton can be seen smiling and clumsily moving her hands as the musicians dance skillfully on each side of her. 

Following Clinton’s meeting with José Manuel Albares, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Madrid, there was an event in the Palacio de Duenas. The former first lady is not new to dancing; in a 1996 footage from the Democratic National Convention, she was seen trying the Macarena and clapping awkwardly as others danced.

On the other hand, in the most current video, the band ushers Clinton onto the dance floor, where she does a few tentative dances before giving up. The musicians then perform, and she stands among them, grinning, clapping, and stepping back and forth.

The Spanish aristocrat Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, who hosted the party, posted the footage to Instagram. Distinguished attendees included David Bisbal, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, the President of the Junta de Andalucía, and others.

Some observers remarked that Clinton ought to have been more conversant with the Macarena dancing moves given her husband’s campaigns’ regular, frequent appearances. But the newly discovered footage from the 1996 Democratic National Convention indicates that she was having trouble with the dance even then.

The widely shared video coincides with her husband Bill Clinton being under more scrutiny as a result of recently released records about Jeffrey Epstein. The records that accused Clinton of having an interest in younger people were made public when he and his wife were on vacation in Latin America.

Despite being cited several times in the court documents, the former president is not charged with any crimes. But the records revealed his relationship to the late financier and pedophile, Epstein.

In reaction, the former president acknowledged using Epstein’s aircraft, through a spokesman, but he insisted that he never went to any of Epstein’s residences and was unaware of the allegations against him.


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