Members Slam Biden After Iran Attacks Kill Three Americans

Biden GUILTY? Republicans Blame Him for DEATH!


Drones targeted a United States base close to the Jordan-Syria border, resulting in the death of three American military personnel. President Joe Biden asserts that the attacks are the work of Islamic extremists, attributing responsibility to Iranian-backed forces in the area, despite their leaders denying any connection.

The president vowed to respond to the action, potentially bringing the United States nearer to officially engaging in the conflict in the Middle East. The names of the deceased are being kept confidential until officials can inform their families.

On January 27, the strikes took place, resulting in fatalities and 34 individuals sustaining injuries. According to a video shared on YouTube by BBC News, Iran maintains proxy forces spread across the Middle East. Lebanon harbors militias, Hamas forces operate in Israel’s West Bank and Gaza, and the Houthis control territory in Yemen. All these entities align themselves with the jihadist cause, viewing Israel and the United States as adversaries.

For a few weeks now, the US and the UK have been collaborating to counter ongoing attacks, implementing defensive measures against hostile forces. In a recent incident, the British warship, The HMS Diamond, successfully intercepted a Houthi drone with a missile, responding to an attempt by enemy forces to target a tanker traversing the Gulf of Aden.

Despite collaborative endeavors, the Islamic groups remain undeterred in their actions, with leaders pledging to persist in their attacks until Israel announces a cease-fire in Gaza. The United States has been treading carefully in its efforts to support Israel without fully immersing itself in the complexities of the region’s conflict.

Even though the White House was initially hesitant to increase involvement in the conflict, Americans deployed in the Middle East have consistently been targeted by Islamic forces. Reports suggest that the US and its allies have faced 158 attacks since the escalation in Israel on October 7.

Republicans have criticized Biden for the recent setbacks, attributing the president’s unsuccessful policies and questionable decisions for the losses. They argue that his choice to release $6 billion in Iranian assets has not contributed to diplomatic improvement but has instead provided additional support to the jihadist cause in the Middle Eastern country.


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