Hollywood Boss’ Son Charged With Several Murders

Hollywood Star's Family in BIG TROUBLE - Placed in Handcuffs


Residents of Los Angeles were shocked to discover a woman’s severed torso in a dumpster. The victim has been identified as a low-end film director’s missing wife. He is currently being held on suspicion of killing both her parents and her.

A homeless person in Encino, California, was looking for recyclables on Ventura Boulevard early on November 8 when they came across a woman’s body parts, including her torso, encased in bags of plastic.

Upon conducting an investigation and examining security camera footage from a nearby strip mall, the police discovered footage showing a man hurling objects into a dumpster. 

They identified him as 35-year-old B movie director Samuel Haskell, the son of retired executive Sam Haskell III, the former head of a talent agency that once represented George Clooney, Dolly Parton, Prince Edward, and now Duke of Edinburgh, and other celebrities.

Haskell’s sighting at the dumpster coincided with another report from the day before. It is purported that Haskell hired workers for four days to remove three bulky plastic bags from his house.

After discovering body parts in a bag, one of the employees gave him his $500 back and the bags were returned to his house. They weren’t persuaded by Haskell’s explanation that the body parts were Halloween props, so they called the police. But the bags were gone when the police arrived.

The police returned on November 8, having discovered that Haskell had been spotted at the dumpster and that his wife Mei Haskell, as well as his in-laws Wang Yangxiang and Li Gaoshan, were all missing. 

When they searched his house again, they discovered more criminal evidence in addition to blood. Haskell is being held on a $2 million bail after being charged with murder. His three children are under the custody of Family Services and were found at the school.

Despite his father’s reputation as “the nice guy in Hollywood,” Haskell’s son has a history of misbehavior. He received a three-year probationary sentence in 2008 for using a deadly weapon in an assault.

He was allegedly obsessed with swords and other weapons, according to his neighbors, and he frequently directed films with the theme of men who fetishes Asian women before acting violently against them. It is now claimed that he has carried out these harrowing fantasies in real life.


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