Mother Wins Lawsuit Against American Airlines

It's OVER - Major Airline Pays the Price!


A lawsuit filed by a mother against American Airlines (AA) concerning harassment she faced from a flight attendant has resulted in a settlement for the emotional distress she experienced. The incident occurred as the woman was boarding a connecting flight with her 18-month-old twin daughters, and it stemmed from a dispute over her seating arrangement.

While the traveler had not violated any regulations, the attendant compelled her to permit a fellow passenger seated behind her to hold one of the children, leaving her with no alternative.

Erika Hamilton, employed as an attorney, secured a small claims settlement on October 27 by taking legal action against AA for negligent infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract. As part of the settlement, she was awarded 4,500 airline miles.

Hamilton had bought two tickets, opting to keep only one of the children on her lap in accordance with AA’s guidelines. The Oregon resident, en route to Tallahassee, Florida, encountered no issues departing from Portland. However, an attendant on the connecting flight in Dallas took issue with the woman’s decision to secure one of the children in a seat.

The airline allows a ticketed adult to carry one child on their lap for the entire flight, and any extra children must have their own ticketed seats. Infants can travel without safety seats as long as they can sit upright independently and secure their seatbelts during takeoff and as needed.

Despite Hamilton’s adherence to the rules, the flight attendant persisted in asserting that the child required a car seat. The mother was subjected to harassment until she ultimately conceded to letting the young girl sit on a stranger’s lap instead.

The attendant allegedly returned later to offer an apology, but Hamilton sought a refund. American Airlines (AA) proposed a $75 travel voucher, leading the lawyer to pursue legal action in small claims court. Her initial lawsuit sought $3,500 in damages.

AA is currently facing another lawsuit concerning reported problems with children. A mother from Florida is taking legal action against the airline, claiming that her two sons were lost when their flight was canceled, and the airline’s staff failed to reach out to the parents.

The plaintiff had employed the company’s service for unaccompanied minors to guarantee the secure journey of her 12- and 14-year-old sons to their destination. According to reports, the children were found confined in a cold room overnight, lacking essential provisions like food, water, pillows, or blankets.


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