Lightning Strike At WH Leaves People With Life-threatening Injuries


On Thursday, lightning damaged the area around the White House in Washington, D.C., gravely injuring four individuals.

The event happened right before 7 o’clock. when the dead were discovered on Thursday, close to a monument of former president Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square in front of the White House.

D.C. Two men and two women were hospitalized as a consequence of the incident, according to emergency services, who also stated that all of their injuries were serious and life-threatening.

Secret Service personnel and U.S. The victims, who were unconscious when discovered, received CPR from Park Police, according to D.C. Officer of Public Information for EMS and Fire, Vito Maggiolo.

Maggiolo was unable to provide into detail about the four’s wounds.

A lightning strike was visible in one video from a Fox weather camera taken around the time the incident took place.

In addition to posting a video of the lightning strike, CBS News White House Correspondent Nancy Cordes stated that it was so loud that it startled both her and a CBS producer.

During the demonstrations against George Floyd’s death in 2020, two National Guardsmen were hurt by another lightning strike in the vicinity of Lafayette Park. They had non-life-threatening injuries and were hospitalized.

While emergency personnel were still on the site, officials closed off a section of the park.


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