Hundreds Of Armored Cartel Vehicles Seized Near US-Mexico Border


According to Border Report, in the last four years, Mexican police close to the U.S. border have taken 257 armored vehicles from cartels.

According to a statement from the Tamaulipas attorney general’s office, several of the vehicles had machine gun ports and the appearance of military tanks, according to a report from Border Report on Tuesday. At government impound facilities, several of the automobiles were destroyed by authorities.

According to Border Report, the demolished cars had steel plates welded to their exteriors and resembled semi-trucks, tow trucks, and regular pickups.

The Attorney General’s Office of the Mexican state stated in a statement that the modifications made to these cars pose a threat to the community’s and law enforcement agencies’ safety.

In the most recent state police operation, 23 cars, popularly known as “monsters,” from the Gulf cartel, Zetas, and Northeast cartel were demolished using cranes and blowtorches.

The cars were seized by the Special Operations Group of the State Police (GOPES), which was sent to areas where there was frequent cartel and drug-related violence.

Some of the automobiles were discovered abandoned close to the San Fernando-Reynosa route on March 12 and were later confiscated by Mexican authorities. When they detained a guy on homicide charges a month earlier, they also confiscated 14 automobiles, four of which were armored, that were allegedly utilized for a crime in a body shop in Reynosa.


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