Major Win For Ukraine As Russia Forced To Abandon Snake Island


For Putin’s forces, Russia’s abandonment of the famed Snake Island is a humiliating setback.

The retreat occurred only days after Ukrainian forces bombarded the important stronghold in the Black Sea.

Despite taking over the island at the beginning of the conflict, Russia’s troops suffered heavy losses as a result of a huge onslaught launched by Ukraine last week.

According to commanders, the Ukrainians began a fierce attack using a variety of troops and devastation techniques as they attacked the enemy positions with rockets, missiles, and drones.

And only a few days later, Russia was compelled to retreat, dealing Vladimir Putin’s war a fatal blow. This action was hailed as a show of goodwill.

“As a gesture of goodwill, the Russian military completed their tasks on Zmeiny Snake Island and withdrew the garrison stationed there,” the Russian defense ministry was cited as saying.

Since the first day of the conflict, when the Russian flagship Moskva ordered Ukrainian guards to give up, the vital island has been a point of contention.

Later, the Moskva was lost by a Ukrainian missile attack, which was possibly Vladimir Putin’s worst humiliation of the conflict.

The retreat occurs only days after a supply boat carrying missiles and reinforcements was sunk by Ukraine, which last week blitzed a Russian garrison stationed on the island.

In the past, it was claimed that satellite photographs showed a strike on a Russian Pantsir-S1 missile defense system.

Putin’s control over the island was under danger, according to a warning from the Russian Military Informer Telegram group, since Ukraine has access to longer-range and more potent missiles.

More than 10 targeted attacks on Russian installations on the island were reported by Ukraine earlier this week.

Ukrainians asserted to have hit a Pantsir-S1 target at the moment.

The Russian withdrawal from Snake Island, meanwhile, would be a step toward enabling Ukrainian grain to enter international markets.


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