Police Officer Makes Incredibly Embarrassing Mistake


During the Stanley Cup parade, Bo Byram of the Colorado Avalanche and a police officer had an unpleasant conversation.

A police officer stopped the defender during the Stanley Cup parade on Thursday because he believed the player to be a fan who had scaled the barrier after the Avalanche defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning.

When people yell at the officer and ask him if he’s a player, it seems like the cop is asking Byram whether he wants to go to jail at one point.

In this circumstance, it would be extremely simple to pull the officer, but he was only carrying out his duty.

NHL players appear to be regular folks, and Byram was waiting to smash some beers while hanging out by the fence. It wouldn’t be unfair for a policeman to pass him by and presume he was just a fan who was extremely enthusiastic.

The cop appeared to be rather at ease, all things considered. He appeared to ask Byram whether he wanted to go to jail if he didn’t cross the fence after asking him to do so.

Thankfully, Byram rejoined the group, and everything turned out fine in the end.


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