New President Begins Gutting the Government on Day One

Government GUTTED - He's BOOTING Them Out!


On December 10, Argentine President Javier Milei implemented a significant reorganization of the federal executive branch, reducing the count of cabinet-level ministries in Argentina from 18 to nine.

This decision marked President Javier Milei’s inaugural executive move, delivering on one of the primary commitments he made during his presidential campaign.

The majority of the ministries he abolished were formally integrated into new offices, indicating that their functions will persist, albeit with a smaller staff and reduced office space. Most of the ministries he eliminated were officially incorporated into new offices, signaling the continuity of their functions, albeit with a diminished staff and smaller office accommodations.

The libertarian leader, as a key pledge in 2023, vowed to cut half of the government’s central ministries, citing a severe economic crisis in Argentina. In various interviews, he emphasized the necessity for “drastic measures,” viewing a substantial reduction in the state, which he perceives as the “enemy” of the people, as a crucial step in addressing the crisis.

Numerous political analysts in Argentina have observed that, although Milei’s achievement in downsizing the government wasn’t unforeseen, the unexpected aspect was the swiftness with which the president fulfilled his commitment. 

In August, the right-wing leader acknowledged the challenging nature of addressing Argentina’s economic crisis, asserting that his measures aimed to enable everyone in the country to contribute productively.

The South American country is grappling with one of its most severe economic crises, marked by a staggering inflation rate of 140 percent, widespread unemployment, and poverty. Milei has frequently expressed concerns that the nation might be on the verge of a hyperinflationary period, emphasizing the urgent need to prevent such a scenario at all costs.

The recently elected Argentine president, a distinguished economist, rose to prominence through social media and television due to his impassioned criticisms of socialism and his belief that left-wing policies had detrimentally impacted Argentina. Milei achieved victory in the presidential election by garnering the highest number of votes ever recorded in the country’s history.


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