Zelensky Reveals Troop Numbers Times to Washington Visit

Secret REVEALED - SETBACK To Military Efforts?!


In a tweet on the messaging app Telegram, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky disclosed the number of Ukrainian forces engaged in the conflict with Russia.

On December 12th, in honor of Ground Forces Day, President Zelensky sent a message of congratulations and gratitude to all of the Ukrainian soldiers serving their country. Sharing images of soldiers armed and standing next to tanks, Zelensky praised the 600,000 troops, calling them “brave” and “heroic” for fighting for their country. The people of Ukraine are very appreciative and proud of their heroes, he said in a tribute he shared with them.

A data-gathering and analytical firm called Statista has previously put the number of Ukrainian forces at half a million.

While in the US at President Biden’s request, Zelensky conveyed his message. He spoke before Congress to urge for increased funding for the Ukrainian government. Unlike last year, when the Ukrainian leader Zelensky was welcomed with open arms by members of both parties, this year’s reception was noticeably colder. Republicans have responded to Biden’s call for aid to Ukraine by stating they will not support additional funding for the country until the federal government takes stronger measures to prevent illegal immigration. Despite his staunch support for Ukraine from the beginning of the war against Russia, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has acknowledged that it would be “practically impossible” to swiftly enact an aid package for Ukraine.

Republicans are giving Russian President Putin “the greatest Christmas gift” conceivable, according to Biden, who blasted them for not supporting the Ukrainian government. Ukrainian authorities have failed to disclose their strategy or plans for victorious combat against Russia, a country with a significantly larger military, according to Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, who stated that the dispute over providing further funding to Ukraine extends beyond the immigration discussion. Concerned that despite receiving billions in aid from the US, Ukraine has made “no significant progress,” Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) voiced his worries.


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