Pennsylvania Dem Neglected To Pay Property Taxes


Chris Deluzio neglected to pay his real estate taxes. He supports a measure that would make Americans subject to further IRS inspection.

Chris Deluzio, a Democrat from Pennsylvania running for the House in a tight contest, was fined last year for unpaid property taxes.

The historic Pittsburgh Georgian colonial that voting rights lawyer Deluzio bought two years ago owed $2,976 in property taxes for 2021. According to county records, he was assessed a fee of little under $100 in penalties and interest, which he paid in March 2022.

Deluzio and Democratic Party officials are promoting the Inflation Reduction Act, which would direct billions of dollars toward improved tax enforcement by the Internal Revenue Service. The news of Deluzio’s late tax might become a campaign issue. Mandela Barnes, a candidate for the Wisconsin Senate, and Rep. Matthew Cartwright have both come under fire for a history of making late property tax payments. Also supported by Cartwright was the Inflation Reduction Act.

Deluzio, whose net worth ranges from $1.9 million to $5.5 million, according to his financial disclosure report, earlier this month supported the Inflation Reduction Act, which is supported by the Biden administration. The measure, which increases corporate taxes, would give the IRS $80 billion, $46.6 billion of which would go toward tax audit and enforcement operations.

After the article was published, his campaign responded to a request for comment. A financial issue, according to his spokesperson Matt Koos, caused the late payment.

According to Republicans and several independent economists, the measure will ultimately result in higher taxes for low- and middle-income individuals. The Joint Body on Taxation, a neutral congressional committee, conducted a study that found that the proposal would result in an increase in taxes for Americans in all income groups during the following ten years.

Last Monday, the Senate approved the legislation on a party-line vote, with Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris providing the deciding vote. On Friday, the House will vote on the plan.

Jeremy Shaffer, a Republican businessman from Pennsylvania, is Deluzio’s opponent in the election, which the Cook Political Report rates as a toss-up. They are competing to succeed Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb, who unsuccessfully ran for president. Senate lost the primary instead of running for re-election.


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