Man Sets Car On Fire And Crashes Into US Capitol Barricade


A guy who shot himself in the head after driving his automobile into a barrier at the US Capitol at 4 am has been recognized.

Richard A. York III, a 29-year-old Delaware resident, was identified as the dead by US Capitol police.

At the intersection of East Capitol Street and Second Street in Washington, DC, they claim York crashed his car into a barrier.

According to officials, the automobile caught fire as York was exiting it.

The 29-year-old then began firing into the air while walking down East Capitol Street.

Officers said that as soon as they responded to the sound of gunfire by approaching the individual, he shot himself in the head.

The attack did not harm any other people.

Currently, it doesn’t seem like York was aiming for any members of Congress, who are in recess, and it doesn’t seem like police used force.

Although they are investigating the man’s past, the investigators said it is still unclear why he decided to travel to the Capitol Complex.

The authorities have informed Richard A. York III’s nearest of kin.

The Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC, is in charge of the death inquiry.

US Capitol Police was contacted by journalists seeking further information on the event.

According to the authorities, the individual shot himself when cops reacted to the sound of gunfire and approached him.

In Washington, DC, a tow truck has been hired to take Richard A. York III’s automobile after it collided with a barrier outside the US Capitol.


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