Putin Declares He Prefers Biden Wins

Biden's Newest CHEERLEADER - One of His WORST Enemies?


In his initial remarks regarding the forthcoming 2024 presidential race, Russian leader Vladimir Putin expressed his preference for a victory by President Biden over former President Trump.

During an interview on Russia-1 aired on February 14, host Pavel Zarubin queried Putin about the preferable candidate for Russians. Putin remarked that Biden possesses greater political experience and is viewed as a more predictable individual. One interpretation of Putin’s remarks characterizes Biden as being of the “old school.” Additionally, Putin emphasized his readiness to collaborate with any leader chosen by the American electorate.

Ironically, a prevalent critique of Trump during his tenure was his perceived favoritism towards Putin, with numerous individuals even suggesting Putin’s alleged involvement in rigging the election to benefit Trump. Consequently, some skeptically view Putin’s statements.

Biden seems unenthusiastic about the Russian president’s backing. When questioned about Putin’s endorsement, John Kirby, a spokesman for US national security, responded that Putin should refrain from involvement in American elections, alluding to concerns that the Kremlin orchestrated clandestine efforts to sway past presidential elections in favor of Trump. Kirby further noted that Putin is cognizant of the Biden administration’s endeavors to counter Russia’s negative influence.

In contrast, Trump seized upon Putin’s remarks during a rally in South Carolina, interpreting them as a compliment. Trump asserted that individuals have expressed condolences to him over Putin’s lack of endorsement, but he deemed it as a positive development. The former president suggested that Putin favors Biden because Biden is perceived as more likely to concede Ukraine to Russia. Trump further remarked that Putin’s support for him dwindled after he imposed sanctions on companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project in 2019.


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