Whistleblower Exposes Unprecedented Request for “Fentanyl Lollipops” by Top Border Patrol Medical Officer

Whistleblower EXPOSES Disturbing Find At The Border!


A whistleblower has come out with claims against Dr. Alexander Eastman, the acting chief medical officer, in a revelation that has shocked the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) organization. Dr. Eastman is accused in the report of pressing staff members to buy fentanyl lollipops so they may use them at the UN General Assembly in September, which was held in New York. The report was filed to Congress. Due to the unique setting of the drugs’ planned usage and their powerful Schedule II status, this request has drawn attention.

Following the unfortunate death of an 8-year-old child in CBP custody, Dr. Eastman took over as medical leader. He justified his actions by arguing that having such pain treatment methods on hand is essential. He maintained that the fentanyl lollipops were intended to be used in emergency scenarios when CBP personnel or other individuals could need quick and efficient pain management. This clarification hasn’t, however, allayed doubts regarding the propriety and constitutionality of his appeal.

The Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO) staff’s time and resources were significantly absorbed by Dr. Eastman’s insistence on obtaining these drugs, as the whistleblowers made clear. They searched finding a vendor in time for the event, but eventually were unable to find one, therefore they were unable to fulfill the request. Due to this circumstance, Dr. Eastman’s judgment as well as the agency’s policies on the acquisition and usage of restricted drugs are being examined more closely.

The situation was further heightened when it was disclosed that Dr. Eastman was being investigated at the time by the CBP Office of Professional Responsibility for improperly ordering and obtaining drugs for a buddy who works as an Air and Marine Operations pilot. During the General Assembly, our friend was working hard as a helicopter pilot in New York, raising concerns about possible drug and government abuse.

A CBP representative responded to these grave accusations by saying that the organization takes all accusations of wrongdoing seriously and that the case has been forwarded to the CBP Office of Professional Responsibility for examination. The organization has pledged to be accountable and transparent, and it will provide updates as the inquiry develops.

Many are demanding for a review of the procedures pertaining to government officials’ acquisition and usage of prohibited drugs as the inquiry progresses. Maintaining public confidence and the efficient operation of our country’s security system depends critically on ensuring the honesty and accountability of individuals in positions of authority.


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