Seattle Dem Gets Feces Thrown On Her And Blames Police She Defunded


The police have come under fire from a progressive member of the Seattle City Council who spearheaded the city’s recent campaign to defund the police for “failing to investigate” many cases of excrement being thrown into her yard.

According to Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, there is a clear discrepancy between this strategy and the way that former Mayor Durkan was given a yearlong 24-hour stakeout following a peaceful Black Lives Matter rally that took place close to her residence.

Sawant added that she has been advised that her case of six threatening instances using human excrement doesn’t even warrant a serious inquiry, much less security, despite the fact that she is a socialist City Council member who has taken part in Black Lives Matter marches.

The police then released a statement saying, “Friends of the victim were watching the home when the suspect threw a plastic bag, containing several individual bags of suspected human feces, into the yard. The friends confronted the suspect and snapped multiple photos as he ran away. Witnesses described the suspect, pictured below, as an Asian man, approximately 5-foot 4-inches tall.”

The department takes occurrences involving public officials seriously, according to the statement, and investigators have canvassed for evidence, interviewed witnesses, and evaluated all of the data thus far.

They added that the department has not yet discovered any proof that this case would satisfy the requirements of the city or state’s hate crime legislation, but SPD will continue to explore leads if new information becomes available.


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