Studios Band Together to Form Streaming Trade Group

ALLIANCE Confirmed - This Changes EVERYTHING!


Numerous American corporations enlist the services of lobbyists to persuade legislators to endorse policies favorable to their specific industries. In fact, there is a jest about the genuine influence in Washington, DC residing on K Street rather than Capitol Hill, as it’s home to the offices of these lobbyists. Presently, several prominent streaming firms are forging an alliance with the intention of engaging in lobbying efforts among lawmakers as well.

The recently formed Streaming Innovation Alliance is a trade association committed to ensuring that both federal and state governments enact regulations that have a beneficial effect on their streaming services. Included in the Alliance’s membership are Max (HBO), Disney, Netflix, Peacock, Paramount+, ViX, TelevisaUnivision, For Us By Us Network, Vault, and AfroLandTV.

A significant number of the leading streaming platforms are members of this fresh organization, and it also boasts influential advisors in its ranks. Mignon Clyburn, the former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, serves as a senior advisor, as does former Representative Fred Upton from Michigan.

Charles Rivkin, the CEO of the Motion Picture Association (MPA), played a pivotal role in uniting these parties. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he emphasized that streaming platforms offer significant value, extensive content selections, and numerous viewing choices for audiences. 

The MPA intends to collaborate with the newly established streaming alliance to promote the advancement of this remarkable innovation through federal and state policies, while also safeguarding against any legislative actions that could diminish the value and variety that consumers currently appreciate.

Clyburn expressed that policies that hinder the progress of streaming would regress the innovation to an earlier stage. The fresh alliance shared that their researchers have discovered that the general public is opposed to regulations in the streaming sector, particularly those that could restrict the availability of sensitive content. 

Recently, a subcommittee of the House Energy & Commerce Committee conducted a hearing on streaming, raising concerns that the government might attempt to enact laws that could stifle the industry. Notably, companies such as Amazon Prime and Apple+ did not become part of the alliance, and it remains uncertain whether they have intentions to join in the future.


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