This Dem Has Millions In Police Security and Wants To Defund Police


Mandela Barnes, the lieutenant governor of Wisconsin, has been fighting to cut off funding to the police force and raising awareness of their excessively high budgets ever since 2018.

“I can say, you know, in my hometown of Milwaukee, the police budget has exceeded the entire property tax levy for five consecutive years. I can say that 45% of all departmental allocations go towards the police department in the city of Milwaukee while libraries get about 3%. We need to invest more in neighborhood services and programming for our residents, for our communities on the front end. Where will that money come from? Well, it can come from over bloated budgets in police departments, you know?”

Barnes has been criticized for his duplicity by the public, despite the fact that he advocated for the employment of the police only when absolutely required because they are not social workers. He had piled up nearly half a million dollars in security expenses in only two years, according to public data. According to reports, the state recently paid a security cost of approximately $600,000 for this democrat who contends that the police department’s budget is excessively inflated.

Barnes’s security bill was nearly 10 times more expensive than that of his predecessors’ in recent months since he had a police detail for 8,868 normal hours, 4,900 extra hours, and 203 holiday hours. Barnes has utilized the police department for every purpose he has condemned, from extra hours and holiday hours to even employing them for social service, thus it is clear that he is not being sincere.

Charles Nichols, the spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Republican Party, had also correctly accused the lieutenant governor of utilizing the State Patrol as his personal taxi service.

Since the beginning of the year, the lieutenant has denied cutting the police department’s funds, but the public has refused to allow the Democratic senator to make a fool of themselves once more. This is happening solely because of his continued tight ties to leftist organizations and politicians like Reps. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Furthermore, all of these organizations and individuals have consistently supported his initiatives and him, which is inconsistent.

Last Monday, the lieutenant governor assumed the role of Democratic nominee.


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