Pelosi Mocked for Story About Digging to China


Social media users made fun of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, for declaring she has always felt a kinship to communist China.

Pelosi, whose travel to Taiwan last week infuriated the Chinese government, discussed her relationship with mainland China at a news conference on Friday in Tokyo.

She made the remark in response to a query on how she felt about the prospect of days of severe Chinese military exercises in the area after her visit to Taiwan.

Conservatives mocked Pelosi for her statement.

“We are truly led by imbeciles,” Clay Travis said in a tweet.

“PELOSI: ‘When I was a little girl, I was told at the beach if I dug a hole deep enough we would reach China. So we’ve always felt a connection there.’ LOL what?” stated Benny Johnson, host of The Benny Report on Newsmax.

“You’re telling me this person was our best choice to visit taiwan?” Logan Hall said.

During a news conference held at the U.S. Tokyo’s embassy.

According to National Review, the naturalist and poet Henry David Thoreau may be responsible for the legend of the man who dug through to China. Thoreau claimed in Walden that there was a crazy man in the town who had tried to do the same thing and had gotten so far that he had heard Chinese pots and kettles rattling.

A day after the expected conclusion of its largest-ever exercises to protest Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, China’s military launched further maneuvers on Monday in the waters and airspace surrounding Taiwan.


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