Tragedy Strikes! – Poster Child for Vaxx Campaign Suddenly Passes


Santino Godoy Blanco, who was only 4 years old, tragically died on Nov. 3 from pneumonia, according to many accounts.

If you recognize that name in any way, it’s because Blanco served as the spokesperson for one of Argentina’s several immunization efforts.

The advertisement urges people to get immunized against measles, rubella, mumps, and polio.

Many Argentine media outlets are claiming that questions are being raised about the true circumstances of Blanco’s unfortunate death.

Detail Zero reported that Dr. Raul F. Larcade Municipal Hospital has been accused of abandonment by Blanco’s mother.

Blanco’s mother claimed that her son had been whining about being unwell for a week.

According to reports, Blanco also had a high fever.

However, the hospital is accused of repeatedly sending the child back.

The boy apparently had multiple different diagnoses, including gastroenterocolitis and laryngitis, however the autopsy ultimately revealed that Blanco died of pneumonia.

At that point, Blanco started to vomit. From that point on, his condition progressively got worse before he passed away.

The terrible passing of Blanco is part of an unsettling global trend of young, healthy persons dying suddenly.

According to Blanco’s mother’s version of what happened, his death does appear to be an instance of incorrect diagnosis, but it nevertheless adds to a list that already has too many children on it.


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