Chinese Linked Funneling Money to Biden – Firm Busted!


In the 1980s, Eugene Yu immigrated to the US from China. Software for elections is a specialty of his tech company, Konnech. With only 20 staff and the same number of clients, the business is very small. 

Even still, the company is at the center of a conflict over the fairness of the election, and its founder is being accused of failing to protect the privacy of poll workers and of embezzling public funds.

The National Pulse revealed suspicions that Yu and many members of his crew have also allegedly donated a substantial sum of money to Democrats, completing the trifecta of potential issues.

On October 7, The National Pulse revealed the exclusive scoop regarding a number of Konnech employees—including the company’s founder—possibly making illicit campaign contributions.

Yu gave at least two Democratic candidates five personal campaign donations totalling more than $1,500. 

Aaron Brown, the chief operating officer, donated a tiny amount to President Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020 despite being a part of a group that received funding from the government.

Senators Doug Jones (D-AL), Jon Ossoff (D-GA), and Tim Kaine (D-VA), who also served as Hillary Clinton’s running mate in the infamous 2016 “Blue Firewall” collapse, were among other well-known Democrats who were caught by The National Pulse with their hand out for a free boost, regardless of the ethical ramifications.


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