Trump Endorsed Kari Lake To Run for Senate Seat in Arizona

Trump Endorsee BOMBSHELL - She's RUNNING!


The possibility of former news anchor and television figure Kari Lake being selected as Donald Trump’s vice-presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election appears to have been dispelled by Trump’s public support for Lake’s candidacy as an Arizona senator.

At Lake’s campaign kickoff in Scottsdale, Arizona, a video message from Trump was showcased, featuring his enthusiastic endorsement of his preferred candidate. He characterized Lake as one of the most steadfast advocates in our cause. In response, during the rally, Lake lauded the former president and expressed her disapproval of the policies enacted by the Biden administration, which, from her perspective, resulted in increased mortgage rates and higher fuel costs. 

She also scrutinized the federal government for what she saw as an insufficient response to the U.S.-Mexico border crisis, particularly in Arizona, where thousands of undocumented immigrants have made attempts to enter the United States.

Lake has, in a way, been mentored by Trump and appears to be emulating his approach. After her loss in the recent Arizona gubernatorial race, she has chosen not to concede and, instead, has initiated legal action claiming electoral impropriety.

Her unwavering and substantial support for Trump, coupled with her participation in several of his rallies, led to speculation that she might be considered as a potential running mate for the former president in the upcoming year.

News organizations had previously reported that Lake, in competition with Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, was in contention for the position of Trump’s close associate in the forthcoming 2024 elections.


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