Senator Calls on Capitol Police Over Alleged Assassination Threat

ASSASSINATION Threat - Authorities Called In!


Describing General Michael Hayden’s sentiments toward Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) as anything less than strongly negative would be an understatement. Back in September, Hayden publicly labeled the senator as a racist. Additionally, he has previously referred to him as unintelligent. A recent comment made by the former director has even resulted in a police report being filed against him.

This series of events commenced on October 9 when Nathalie Jacoby posed a query on X (formerly known as Twitter). She inquired whether Tuberville should face removal from his committee due to his obstruction of military nominations and promotions. General Hayden, who has previously served under both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, engaged with the post and raised the question, “How about the human race?”

On the following day, Senator Tuberville issued a statement alleging that General Hayden had suggested a politically motivated assassination. The senator from Alabama expressed his strong disapproval of the decorated general’s comments, deeming them offensive and abhorrent. He also criticized Democrats for not denouncing these remarks.

The Republican senator further mentioned that his office had informed the Capitol Police about the incident, and he anticipates that law enforcement will ensure his safety and take appropriate action against General Hayden. Tuberville stated that if the justice system remained impartial, the general would face the full extent of legal prosecution.

Tuberville continued to criticize Hayden for overseeing some of the most significant setbacks in American history, including the tragic events of September 11th, the alleged involvement in the Russia Hoax, and what he perceived as a divisive impact on the nation.

In response to the strong criticism he faced, Hayden remarked that he awoke on October 10 to find that fervent supporters of the MAGA movement had strongly reacted to his suggestion that the senator did not belong to the human race. He reiterated that he stands by his viewpoints.

As for whether the Capitol Police have initiated an investigation into Hayden, there has been no official statement or comment from them on the matter at this time.


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