WH Press Secretary Gets Decimated By Inquisitive Reporter


When asked by a reporter who wouldn’t back down about the specifics of Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness scheme, things went as predictably disastrous for Biden’s beyond horrible press secretary as they always do.

That occurred as a result of the reporter calling her and the Biden administration in general regarding an obvious flaw in the messaging that was being promoted by her and Team Biden. The reporter noted that while she kept claiming that the plan was fiscally responsible, she was unable to explain how this could be the case, making the assertion suspicious.

The reporter called her out on how little information about how the plan will be paid for has surfaced, saying that things got off to a heated start.

“You — you said said a couple of times that this is a fiscally responsible way of doing this. But can you explain a little bit about how you guys think it is fiscally responsible? Because you can’t say how much it’s going to cost. You can’t say exactly how it’s going to be paid for. And you can’t say exactly who is paying for the cost. I get how you’re arguing that it helps certain populations, but how is it fiscally responsible?”

Predictably, the press secretary, who is always prepped, had no clue how to reply and was absolutely unable to do so. She stammered her way through a slow, useless response and said, “I mean, the way that — the way that we are talking about it and what we’re trying to say is we — the — the actions that we have taken — and you see this with the way that the deficit has been reduced. We have taken just the last 19 months. I see that look that you’re giving me there.”

The reporter then persisted by questioning her once again about how the plan might be financially prudent in an obvious effort to get a serious response out of her.

Naturally, she declined, invoking the trendy phrase “fiscal responsibility” but offering nothing else.

Therefore, Team Biden wants you to think of the word “fiscally responsible” when you hear the phrase “student debt forgiveness,” but it, unsurprisingly, has no reason for you to really think that way.


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